Rahim Snow

is redesigning Islam

Remember Who You Are

I am working on a book called:

Remember Who You Are:
28 Verses from the Holy Quran
for Muslims, Christians, Jews,
and other people of faith

As you may know, the Quran is not an easy book to read from cover to cover. It’s hard to understand exactly what’s going on without a lot of background information.

So I wanted to highlight some of the core verses that have a universal message for all of us who believe in God, translate them into simple English, and provide a thousand word commentary on how we might live that verse in our daily lives.

Such an introduction to the Quran would not only help Muslims, but it would also help Christians go deeper into their faith, Jewish people go deeper into theirs, and so on with all people of faith.

More than this, it would show the core spiritual teachings of Islam to a broad audience at a time when that core is often overshadowed by the political challenges of the Middle East.

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